eBR Project

eBR Project, technology of digital telephoneme

The eBR project is based on the creation of an electronic book of blockade that allows the expedition, reception and record of the orders, through digital telephonemes transmitted by authorized persons in activities straight linked with the railroad development.
With the project eBR one tries to automate the verbal communications between the different agents, which, at present, must be reflected, manually, in books for its file and later consultation, if it was necessary. The exchange of this information is achieved with the called ‘telephonemes’ (term extensively extended in the railroad environment).
Also with this project one tries to extend the services (including courier service, speech recognition, etc.), to improve all the emission and reception processes, and to extend its use to all the services of the railroad development.
With this initiative, also, one tries to avoid the problems derived from the verbal communication and from the manual process of recording of the telephonemes that are susceptible of errors and manipulation.
eBR Project would be applied to the Railroad Network of General Interest of Adif and would propitiate the joint participation in the property and development of the results of this initiative as key element in the activities of railroad development.

The Ministry of Science and Innovation, inside the National Plan of Scientific Investigation, development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011, has granted funding to Logistica y Telecommunicaciones, SL (LogyTel) for the achievement of the project “Development of the technology of digital telephoneme for the safety processes in the railroad circulation.” Project EBR. Records IPT-2011-1059-370000.

The several years duration project, 2011-2013, is realized in collaboration with the Electronics Department of the University of Alcala and with The Administrator of Railway Infrastructures (ADIF), Logytel acting like coordinating entity. The project is jointly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is being implemented in the regions of Madrid and Andalusia (Technological Park of Malaga). The entire budget financiable amounts to the number for 798.076 euros and the entire help granted to three entities has been 515.947,85 euros, form loan, and 205.346,4 euros in form subsidy, corresponding to LogyTel the number of the loan in its entirety.

Ministry of Science and Innovation
European Regional Development Fund