Mantis System

Mantis has been developed to provide the national and international rail operators of new resources for the management of preventive and predictive maintenance, the cost savings derived from the minimization of installation of equipment trackside and protection the movement of railway vehicles.

Mantis is able to mitigate threats inherent to the systems of train protection punctual (ATP point) providing the following innovative features:

Imposition of Temporary Speed Restrictions in points / sections (PK, path, direction, etc.) Provided by Digital Map Route (MDR) with an accuracy better than 10 m. Giving the team the ability to impose speed restrictions in real time (or on schedule in the Traffic Control Center, CTC) to mitigate risks arising from work accidents or road or incidents that may occur.

Monitoring the lineside signals (commonly referred to as signals) by functionality linking beacons (DEB). Giving the team the ability to detect non-reading of the lineside signals or misreading, can determine when the railway vehicle has taken a route is not planned, with the risk for other movements, passengers and cargo.

Imposition of maximum speeds of stretch (VMT) should contain all speed restrictions due to infrastructure (approach to molehills, curves, tunnels, etc…) With accuracy better than 10 m. Provides to the equipment, depending on the state of the line, a maximum speed according to the actual circumstances of the Line.

Ability to inform in real-time about signal overtopping. Provides by supervision the line, the ability to record these serious events, which in most cases can lead to scope, windings, or serious accidents, by allowing the operator to act in time to protect other traffic on the affected line for this overtopping.

LogyTel uses the potential of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and the current radio communication technologies (TETRA, WiMax, WiFi, GSM / GPRS) for the establishment of a security radio link with a Traffic Control Centre. These technologies contribute to improving the reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) in the rail transport system.

Provides capacity and positioning the train by installing a via radio communication system linked to GPS.

GPS Location: kilometer point of the line and direction of motion (positive or negative) of the train.

Digital Map of Route (MDR) or kilometer point of the line of each virtual signal train has stored in memory, is capable of detecting the transit over a virtual beacon (continuously comparing its position with the virtual beacons MDR) by activating the appropriate control restriction.