Falling Objects Detector (DCO)


Its mission is the retention and safe detection of objects falling overpasses and Tunnel gantry, and communicate simultaneously to the Control Office and to the interlocking (IXL), the information about the non-presence of objects falling to the track.

  • Retention of falling objects up to 200 Kg.
  • Certification SIL4 for the sensory element that detects falling objects informing the IXL by means of voltage free contacts.
  • Certification Ethernet communications SIL2 IXL.


  • No power requirement, no electronics on track side.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • High availability.
  • Immune to operating conditions.
  • Communications with Remote Control System of Detectors: Ethernet and IEC 600870-5-104 proprietary protocol ADIF profile.
  • IXL Communications: Ethernet dual SIL2, EN 50159-1.
  • Range based on the number of overpasses to 40Km.
  • Predictive maintenance analysis system that automatically detects the degradation of sensory element.
  • Electrical and environmental interior equipment: Consumption for 12 overpasses: <200W.
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 60 º C indoor equipment.
  • EMC: 50121-4:2007, EN 61000-2-4, EN 60870-2.
  • Double Fiber optic illuminated bidirectionally.


Madrid – Lleida

Barcelona – Figueras

Figueras – Perpiñán

Madrid – Levante

Medina del Campo – Olmedo