LogyTel, a family business, date back to 1991. Initiates the activity as a subcontractor to large companies, carrying out repairs and maintenance of electronic equipment and systems, trying to satisfy, directly, needs unattended by the main contractor. Thus emerges the challenge of undertaking the development of R & D, with no previous experience , but by knowing the customer needs and how could be resolved. Accept the challenge of innovation to meet demand requirements, and the realization of R & D, implied to the company have trained human capital and to take a high economic cost and risk.

The solution to these problems was sought by the company involving the Department of Electronics at the Polytechnic School of the University of Alcalá. This meant access to state of the art technologies, the availability of a teaching team to pilot projects and the availability of interns under the direction, control and supervision of LogyTel engineers.

Conjunction of need for innovation in LogyTel and a warm personal and professional relationship between the Department of Electronics at the University of Alcalá and LogyTel management team, gave rise to the signing of several agreements on R & D, still in force, with applications in the railway sector, banking and defense market. These agreements have made LogyTel a leader within their dimension in the field of R & D related to the professional electronics and especially in regard to control systems in the Spanish High Speed Lines and remote sensing systems for falling objects on the railway.

Until 2006 LogyTel had maintained stable employment set at around 50 employees. At the present day number of employees is 72 persons, of which over 40% are graduates and higher education doing tasks of R & D that has spent the years 2008 and 2009 economic resources (running costs of R & D) above double digits. The LogyTel business activity is related, in general, with research and development of equipment and professional electronics systems, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and integrated after-sales services. As a particular R & D + i teleoperation systems, mastering these the technologies to affected systems (command, control and communications) with applications in railway operation, which has extensive experience and is considered one of the leading Spanish companies in this field.

This effort in R & D has had its recognition by getting certified various products, both via equipment and shipped, with the highest security certification SIL-4, based on the criteria of the standards: EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129.