Axle Counter



LogyTel provides axle counters, for rail market signaling.

Axle Counter

Electronic systemsaxle counters are used, as a track circuits to detect the presence and integrity of the train, within a track sections or defined sections.

Its performance does not depend of the track conditions, so they are especially suitable for sections of track where there are isolation or shunting problems.

As vital part systems of railway, it is a safety system that is designed and constructed that in case of any failure or anomaly the systems establish a safety state.

The system evaluates the difference in count values from the two detection points of a section and accordingly determines the occupancy status.

Essentially the system consists of a passive sensor, located on track and the electronic equipment, located in the technical buildings. This equipment make the axel count evaluations based on information gathered from two or more sensors.


  • Equipment with an integrity level SIL 4, according to Standard CENELEC.
  • LC circuit passive sensor, equipped with rugged and compact design created specifically to ensure the integrity and functionality under normal conditions of the devices installed on track.
  • Designed to work with the following types of rail: UIC54, 54E type, UIC 60.
  • All Electronic units located inside the building in order to reduce the probability of failure and reduce the mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • Indication the Occupancy status via free serial contacts relay, serial port and Ethernet port.


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Input Voltage 230Vca (85-265)




IP Protection Grade
IP 68 Protected against dust