High Speed Lines
  • Field Network and Gateway RACO RACA and the simultaneous centers Telvent and Siemens in the Madrid-Lleida.
  • Supply LED lineside signals light at the Madrid-Lleida.
  • Pantograph-catenary interaction in different high-speed lines and different countries.
  • Actuators and sensors voltage catenary lines to Madrid-Barcelona and Cordoba-Malaga
  • DCO – Falling object detector; Madrid-Lleida, Barcelona-Figueras, Olmedo-Medina, Madrid-Levante, Figueras-Perpignan and Orense-Santiago.
  • DVL – Lateral wind detector; Madrid-Levante, Barcelona-Figueras and Orense-Santiago.
  • DCDP – Detectors dynamic behavior of the pantograph; Figueras-Perpignan , Madrid-Valladolid.
  • DOA – Detects objects dragged; Figueras-Perpignan.
  • SDR – Detects excess gauge; Figueras-Perpignan.
  • Remote Maintenance System of Detectors: Madrid-Levante and Orense-Santiago.
National Network of Spanish Railways
  • 95% of Spanish marketshare of hydraulic catenary circuit breakers and voltage detectors.
  • Scada of catenary circuit breakers, Corredor del Mediterráneo
  • Central and Remote control Electrification of Oviedo.
  • 100% supply of communications equipment between traction substations.
  • Remote control of catenary circuit breakers of Madrid main stations Atocha and Chamartin.
  • The renewal of the remote remote feeding control of the surroundings of Barcelona.
  • SCADA system for station control in Zaragoza:
    • Integrates two backup locations in Madrid and Barcelona in real time
    • 34 Electrical Substations.
    • 14 Catenary stations.
    • 25 Signaling power stations.
Madrid and Barcelona Subway
  • Quick Disconnect system between traction DC stations.
Malaga Subway
  • Remote Control Center of Energy and field remote equipment at Malaga Subway.
On board equipment
  • Connection and control of several locomotives to a single driver.
  • Train protection ASFA digital equipment security level SIL4
  • Speed meter display.