Remote Control Center of Energy (ATLANTIS)


Atlantis is a flexible SCADA platform used as Remote Control Center of Energy that allows sending and receiving orders from the states of the trackside elements controlled by the remote control. Communication with the trackside elements is performed in IEC-870-IEC-101 or 870-104 depending on the characteristics of communications to remote elements.

The system satisfies the E.T. Adif 03.359.120.7 “Technical and Functional Requirements for the Supply and Installation of Remote Controls Energy (Conventional Lines)” in February 2007.

The usual composition of the system hardware consists of:

  • Cluster Server with Real Time functions.
  • Historical Cluster Server with storage features.
  • Communication Server (depending on protocol used).
  • Control Office with 4 screens.
  • Administration officers

The functions of the clusters can be exchanged, if a fault occurs on servers considered Real Time, the system will switch to other servers, preventing to leave out of service the Remote Control Center Energy at any time.



  • Check in by username and password. The system allows work with user access control by reading identification card.
  • Graphical environment for operation and visualization of all trackside elements. Allows printing of the screen with the status “current” of Switch Disconnector.
  • Display and alarm acknowledgment received (enables filtering, saving and printing).
  • Graphic display of the status of the communications with the trackside elements.
  • Topological representation of the system.
  • Graphic representation of the state of the rails, through a logical application of catenary voltage.
  • View status of all signals in a database in list form.
  • Assists in web format.
  • Access to authorized users to the administration office defined for it.
  • Editing and insertion of new lines of communications/ revision or deleting existing lines through the administration profile. Without stopping the system, in real time.
  • Editing of new remote.
  • Editing of new signals associated with a remote.
  • Editing representation pages in a simple way.
  • Reconstruction Function (‘Moviola’).
  • Provides graphical editing tool for easy and quick handling.

Remote Control Center: Zaragoza El Portillo

Zaragoza El Portillo

Remote Control Center: Oviedo



An application that allows viewing of the entire line in three large format screens. The functions built into this device are:

  • Display states of the Switch Disconnectors.
  • Display condition of rails.
  • Topological Visualization of the condition of the Remote.

Topology Atlantis LogyTel