Dynamic Behavior of Pantograph (DCDP)

Its mission is to detect of irregularities in the pantographcatenary interaction (poorly calibrated pressure pantographs, micro fusion in pantographs).

  • Saving historic passage of trains along with their characteristics.
  • Measurement of meteorological parameters.
  • Performs the measure of elevation of the overhead contact line by vision (without contact with the catenary) of the elongation of the overhead contact line caused by the pantograph of the trains in either direction of the train’s movement.
    • Maximum speed: 350 km / h
    • Maximum Elevation: +150 mm,-100mm.
    • Resolution: 1.2 mm with an accuracy of 1%
    • Minimum interval between trains: 55 seconds (safety margin).
  • Performs Alarms detection (multiple alarms maximum displacement of the contact line (value configurable), alarm of operation of wheel sensors, alarm of the sensor , alarm of the camera, alarm of the screen and alarm of the communicating with the Remote Control System).
  • Configurable System with all parameters for the installation environment.
  • Auto-Calibration (Lighting and overhead contact line position).
  • Immune to vibration of the poles and changes in the overhead contact line height for environmental effects.
  • The system does not interfere in the operation of the signaling equipment or in the onboard equipments in trains running.
  • Ethernet Communications.
  • Power supply: 240 Vac.
  • Consumption: <400W.
  • Operating temperature: field equipment: -10 to 60 ° C. Indoor equipment: 0 to 60 ° C

Madrid – Lleida

Figueras – Perpiñán

Madrid – Levante

Madrid – Valladolid