Led signal


LogyTel provides six LED signals designed specifically to present the necessary aspects of the railway signalling for railway lines.

Led Signal - Logytel

Railway signals are designed with High Brightness LED Technology and features that provide important advantages to railway signalling infrastructure as, high brightness, power consumption, life and maintenance.

Exist three modules integrated inside the LED signal; Optical (leds), Power (current compensation resistances) and Control (Performs the switching between the operating modes and activate the current and voltage protection).

The LED signal designed by LogyTel can be adapted to different railway infrastructures. or to other kind of road infrastructures.

The LED signal has been tested and approved by certified laboratory.

  • Lineal consumption.
  • Two switching modes (day / night).
  • Switching is activated by power supply level.
  • Temporal disconnection when power supply fall is detected.
  • Permanent disconnection when hardware fall is detected.
  • Safety: SIL 4
  • Color light signals (red, green, yellow and blue) are defined by wavelength
  • Led viewing angle: 15º
  • Aluminum casing
  • 160mm optical diameter

EN 21308: High voltage Essays

EN 30034: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to radio paging receiver ERMES European Radio Message System)

EN 50125-3: Environmental conditions for equipment. Telecommunications equipment and signage.

EN-60068: Environmental tests.

EN-60068-2-6: Test Cy: Damp heat steady state, accelerated test primarily applicable to components.

EN-60068-2-17: Test Q: Watertightness

EN-60068-2-27: Tests – Test Ea and guidance: Shock.

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EN 50129: Railway applications. Communication, signalling and processing systems. Safety related electronic systems for signalling.

EN 50261

EN 29000-3

EN 50081

EN 50082

Focoled Yellow Logytel Focoled Blue Logytel
Focoled White Logytel
Focoled Green Logytel Focoled Directional Logytel
Focoled Especificaciones
COLOR MTBF (hours) MTBF (years in continuous operation )
RED 127.174,11 hours 14,52 years
YELLOW 127.174,11 hours 14,52 years
GREEN 166.608,96 hours 19,02 years
BLUE 154.622,41 hours 17,65 years
WHITE / DIRECTIONAL WHITE 166.608,96 hours 19,02 years