Remote Control System of Detectors

The Remote Control System of Detectors is the perfect tool to fulfil the need to aggregate the information from all detectors such as:
  • SCVL : Cross wind detector
  • DCO: Falling object detector
  • DCDP: Dynamic Behaviour of Pantograph
  • DOA: Dragging Object Detector
  • DEG: Loading gauge detector

Remote control system of detectors ensures that information sent by sensors under its supervision is received in a simple and fast mode by the operators in real time.

  • Receive and show the information sent by the detector systems located on the trackside.
  • Allow operators to send commands recognized by the detectors (General interrogation, maintenance, etc.)

Rapid detection of adverse events that avoid normal operation of the railway circulation reduces the reaction time to solve the problem, the personnel needed for maintenance and supervision, economical cost and improves the MTTR (Mean time to repair).

Improving the reliability, availability, maintainability and safety of the railway.


The Remote Control System of Detectors allows plotting the data collected by the sensors and sending orders to them.

  • Application access by username / password.
  • Implementation of control according to user permissions.
  • System Maintenance of switches is designed to allow access from anywhere on the network.
  • Independent platforms for management and maintenance.
  • Intuitive representation and usability.
  • Detecting deterioration of a sensor before an abnormal situation occurs preventing malfunction of the system.
  • Plot the data received.
  • Display of states by area / detector.
  • Display of states by IXL or technical building.
  • Event query .
  • It will create a historical record that allows queries according to some default filters.
  • Viewing fiber optics measures.
  • Allows to perform a non stop software upgrade or edition.
  • Support any communication protocol and able to operate simultaneously with different kind of protocols.
  • The system is compatible with any kind of detector even of different technologies and is able to integrate them into a single representation or display them individually.
  • Certificated Ethernet communications SIL2 with IXL.