Falling Object Detector (DCO )


Overpasses, bridges and other constructions on railroad tracks are elements that directly affect safety due to the danger of objects or vehicles falling onto the tracks..

Railway lines must include protection measures to make them safe, more reliable and operable. This risk is more critical on high-speed lines and in driverless metros, also in urban trains where the number of trains is high, there is also a critical risk that should be mitigated.


The mission of the falling object or Vehicle fall detector is to minimize the risks to the train and its users. It is an auxiliary system, to detect the break of the fence in rockfall protection barriers, safety barriers on railway bridge…
This system increase the safety on the railway. Sending in SIL4 o SIL2 to the interlock when any object or vehicle falls on the track.

The system has a double function. First retention if the impact is less than the set force and second detection of protection breakage if the impact exceeds the set force.


• Detection of impact objects up to 200Kg.
• SIL4 certification, connection with interlock through voltage-free contacts.
• SIL2 certification of Ethernet communications with safety integrator or interlock.
• SCADA for monitoring and maintenance.

• Passive elements on track side, It doesn´t use electronics elements powered on field. It is based on fibers optics system. It does not require power supply.
• Minimal maintenance.
• High availability.
• The system is compatible with other systems of signalling.
• Safety communications with ENCE interlock with SIL4 potential-free contacts. Dual Ethernet communication option SIL2, UNE-EN 50159.
• Cover Range up to 10Km on each side of the electronic installations building is located.
• Analysis for predictive maintenance of the system by automatically detecting the degradation of the sensory element.
• Reduced consumption, at maximum equipment for 12 detections point less than 200w.
• Standards: UNE-EN 50126, UNE-EN 50128, UNE-EN 50129, UNE-EN 50159, EN 50121-4, UNE-EN 50125-3.


• Madrid – Lleida (SPAIN)
• Barcelona – Figueras (SPAIN)
• Madrid – Levante. (SPAIN)
• Orense – Santiago. (SPAIN)
• LAV Extremadura. (SPAIN)
• Albacete – Alicante. (SPAIN)
• Monforte – Murcia. (SPAIN)
• Vandellos. (SPAIN)
• Figueras – Perpignan (SPAIN-FRANCE)
• SRO Medina – Mecca. (SAUDI ARABIA)
• RTA Espolink Dubai (EMIRATES ARABS)

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